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My phone went in laundry

rhagolin -

Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III Motherboard Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S III Motherboard Replacement

20 - 45 Minuten


Mein Problem

Soaking wet and I made the mistake of calling it to help locate it , found in washer pulled it out took it apart dried it out but no flash on camera and a couple other issues , Ordered mother board, Came on time and worked as described

Meine Reparatur

Only one minor problem , After all together I found it was hard locked to AT&T , fixed in a couple minutes and all is right with the world again Thanks AAAAAAAAA+

Mein Rat

Don't bother with the rice trick , Pull phone apart use a hair drier and a tooth brush

Galaxy S III Motherboard (AT&T) Bild
Galaxy S III Motherboard (AT&T)


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