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Ipod touch can't be revived....

whaley -

iPod Touch 3rd Generation

iPod Touch 3rd Generation Battery Replacement

1 Stunde

Very difficult

Mein Problem

Ipod touch got wet and never recovered after drying out thoroughly. Can't get the device to show any life. Normal reset procedure shows no activity at all.

Meine Reparatur

I thought the battery may be dead, so I replaced it. Did not help.

I did tear off the digitizer flex circuit in the process. Wow is that delicate! I have years of experience designing and assembling kapton flexes, and I have never seen such a thin and delicate flex as the ipod touch digitizer.

Mein Rat

It would have been helpful to have a mechanical cross section diagram of the ipod touch assembly to show how the various parts are attached. It would have made it easier removing the digitizer panel.

Spudger Bild


iPod touch (3rd Gen) Replacement Battery Bild
iPod touch (3rd Gen) Replacement Battery


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