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Fixing a cell phone for my wife and possibly saving my life

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Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy S III Motherboard Replacement

Samsung Galaxy S III Motherboard Replacement

20 - 45 Minuten


Mein Problem

My youngest son had this Galaxy s III phone that was having charging issues.

After a few weeks it was not connecting to anything to charge.

I diagnosed it as a bad charging port or port to mother board connection.

I got the kid a new phone but hung on to this one just in case.

Once I got the phone apart I discovered the connector had separated from the board on one side (to much wiggling the cord in the connector). At that point I went to Fix It to order the board, that's when I found out the part I needed was not in stock but I could receive a notification when it came into stock.

Low and behold in a week I got an e mail that the part was available, I ordered it and received it in a week! I made the repair in an hour and the phone came to life and was taking a charge.

the important part here that saved my life is the same day I fixed the Samsung my wife's cell phone died. it was an older Nokia flip phone.

So not to be in a tight spot I took the newly repaired phone to the phone store and had it activated with the wife's number. Thus saving my life!

Meine Reparatur

The repair was a piece of cake, the part fit as advertised and the repair took less than an hour.

Mein Rat

Beware; trying this in repair on a kitchen table in a busy home could have catastrophic results.

Also to note: these phones are built to carrier specifics! I needed a board to fit not only the specific phone but for the specific carrier also.

If you don't match up both the part may fit just fine but won't connect to the world, just sayen...

Galaxy S III Motherboard (AT&T) Bild
Galaxy S III Motherboard (AT&T)


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