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iPod Classic

iPod Classic Headphone Jack & Hold Switch Replacement

45 Minuten - 2 Stunden

Very difficult

Mein Problem

hyeadphone jack nackered

Meine Reparatur

successfully - opening the pod was the hardest and most time consuming part, and i bent the casing a little but once i got it open the fix was a breeze!

Mein Rat

DO NOT STRESS! this repair will go successfully, just don't get overwhelmed by the amount of steps to work through and how fiddly it all seems. i bought all the tools from the site and they were all used and worked well. opening the pod is the hardest part, just don't get annoyed with it, be slow and calm and all will go well :)

iPod Classic (Thin) Headphone Jack & Hold Switch Bild
iPod Classic (Thin) Headphone Jack & Hold Switch


Spudger Bild


Phillips #00 Screwdriver Bild
Phillips #00 Screwdriver


1.5" Thin Putty Knife Bild
1.5" Thin Putty Knife


Metal Spudger Bild
Metal Spudger


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