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XBOXONE wifi card replacement

Miran Sidoine -

Xbox One

Xbox One Wi-Fi Board Replacement

Xbox One Wi-Fi Board Replacement

20 - 40 Minuten


Mein Problem

My wifi card was faulty which hindered my ability to use my wireless controllers wirelessly. Sometimes the xbox wouldn't detect my controllers even when hardwired. Couldnt take it anymore and am grateful replacement parts were available for cheap through IFIXIT. Love you guys.

Meine Reparatur

Pain in the butt to unclip everything safely lol. Finally apart the card was easy to swap. Had difficulty closing the xbox properly had open it again and again but finally got it right. In the end my wireless functionality is back and better than ever. My console even works quicker which is satisfying to me thank you guys for saving my console investment!

Mein Rat

Support these guys, save your products that can be salvaged don't chuck it just because it broken.

Xbox One Wi-Fi Board Bild
Xbox One Wi-Fi Board


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Hello Miran, How did you make sure it was the wifi-card? My controllers won't connect anymore (not even with cable, only sometimes) and my xbox one won't connect wireless, only with a cable. Do you think my Wifi-card is broken too?

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