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Broke Screen Again!

mamawuh -

iPhone 5s

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iPhone 5s Home Button Replacement

45 Minuten - 1 Stunde


Mein Problem

My daughter cracked the display on yet another iphone:( I didn't really mind because I like to repair rather than replace and this wasn't my first repair.

This phone repair required a new display, the previous repair required a display and battery. This daughter is one of my teens that is very hard on her electronics. I have another teen that's NEVER broken anything. Even has a working shuffle.....

Meine Reparatur

Each time I repair something and need to order a new part, I also treat myself to a new tool or gadget to add to my ifixit toolkit. This time I splurged on the iclack. I was so excited to use it!! I put the included adhesive strip on the display of the phone, attached the iclack and proceeded to remove the display from the phone case, forgetting to remove the 2 pentalobe screws at the bottom of the phone first.

Results?? The display did come apart from the case but snapped the home button cable in the process :( So I went back online and ordred a home button replacement assembly to finish the repair. My teen was NOT PLEASED since she had to go without a phone for 3 days. Horror :)

In the meantime I discovered that the english repair guide I was using had some instructions written in chinese. I emailed support and let them know, and by the time the home button arrived and I was ready to reassemble the phone, the ifixit crew had fixed the instructions so I could follow them in English.

Mein Rat

I really appreciate the ifixit guides. I spend the time before I order parts for the repair to read through the guide AND the comments. Then before I start the repair I make a note of the comments and steps that I want to focus on and reread when I'm in that repair step.

Second, I have learned that it's VERY important to pay attention to the parts you are fixing or replacing. Compare the old part to the new part incase you need to transfer something from the old part to the new part before installing. i.e. The guide didn't mention an extremely small gasket-like piece that I needed to remove from the old part and attach to the new part.

Third, it's been said before and I'll repeat it here, bend the cables on the parts before installing. Use the old part and copy the bends from the old to the new part.

Looking forward to the next time,,, Thanks ifixit :)

iPhone 5s Home Button Assembly Bild
iPhone 5s Home Button Assembly


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