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iphone 4 charge port replacement

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Mein Problem

IPhone could not talk to itunes

Meine Reparatur

Took about 3 hours. LOTS OF TINY SCREWS. Would not have been able to do this without the walk through. Pro tool kit helped a lot as well. Good selection of tools designed for working with small odd shaped components. Would have spent hours looking for tools to accomplish the same functions.

Started out having problems getting the initial screws to take the cover off. Was using what looked like the smallest Phillips, but it wasn't working. Looked at the guide and changed bits which, while wasn't easy, did the job. The screws are tiny and recessed in places which make them difficult to work with. A lot if times I could not tell if the screw was turning with the screw driver. The assembly tips were extremely valuable and brought my attention to small not really attached pieces that are critical to the long term functionality of the decive. The tiny rubber cable protector for the system board is one example. I followed the instructions with just one deviation. During reassembly there is a second screw to the bottom speaker assembly that doesn't get put back in until after connecting all the cables and other screws for the system board. I installed this screw because I was having problems with the emi fingers of the speaker assembly popping out while working on other items.

Mein Rat

Have good light. A magnifying glass would not be a bad idea. Organize and label screws as you remove them. They are tiny, easily lost and hard to compare to the hole you think they came out of. This is not for the faint of heart. I have repaired a lot of devices and this was one of the most frustrating and difficult jobs I have done. Have good tools. Had to find degreaser at the last minute because I didn't realize I needed it.

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