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MacBook Pro Drive Upgrade

karl -

Mein Problem

Initially I though I was just upgrading to a larger, faster drive in my laptop... come to find out the old drive was failing and I didn't know it.

Meine Reparatur

The firewire 400 SATA laptop hard drive enclosure from iFixIt worked great with simple instructions on how to load and use the enclosure. The drive upgrade had a set back early on when the drive would not clone due to an unreadable/unwritable file on the old drive. The software I used, which was suggested by iFixIt (www.shirt-pocket.com) showed me the file causing the issue so I deleted it. The software also requested that I support the issue for review so I did that too. That morning I had a response back from the software publisher with the answer. (Amazing)!. Once the drive was cloned I used the iFixIt instruction set for drive replacement (specific to my MacBook Pro version) which was by far "The Best" tech instructions I have encountered. The upgrade was by far a success story!

Mein Rat

Make sure to get the correct instruction set for your specific machine before you start. iFixit has a great instruction resource! I had two machines so I was able to go back to the website for more info. Use a bin for your hardware (screws, etc..). I took a clear bin and made a grid using tape to seperate each step into areas for each step's hardware. I was able to put the machine back together in reverse order in a snap! Wouldn't have been able to do it without iFixit's great instructions & videos! I was so excited to fix the machine I forgot to take pics... next time!!!

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