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Dock connector x2

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iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Dock Connector Replacement

iPhone 4 Dock Connector Replacement

45 Minuten - 1 Stunde


Mein Problem

My iPhone 4 is regular used in my boat which eventually resulted in salt water running down the power cable, directly into the dock connector. The phone had had charging issues ever since, switching from charging to not charging randomly, whenever connected to a power source.

Meine Reparatur

Repair went pretty good. Started to get a bit of nerves when i realized that this fix was almost a complete disassembly of my dear phone.

But it went without much trouble until reinserting the logic board. I couldn't really get i back into place and almost started to apply force, when i realized that the antenna cable was caught under the lower part of the logic board. OOPS! got a bit scared there. But no harm done :)

Rest of the assembly when fine, powered on the phone, started testing. Tried the memo app to test the mic. No input... crap. I had some trouble when reconnecting the bottom mic, replacing the rubber cover and fitting the cable. Maybe this caused the trouble. Disassembled again, checked everything. Still no mic :( I gave it the death sentence and ordered a new dock connector. Don't know if the mic was broken from the beginning or if I broke it. But after installing the second part a few days later, the phone now works as new. And i somehow have a stronger relationship to it, haha :)

Mein Rat

When reinstalling the dock connector, beware of the small rubber piece glued to the mic cable. This piece is used to guide the cable, and should be moved to the new part. The Mic can be a bit fiddly to place as the cable needs to be guided by pressing this rubber piece. This is not mentioned in the guide, so be careful. I think I maybe broke the mic part in the first try, second part worked fine after being installed very carefully

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Phillips #00 Screwdriver Bild
Phillips #00 Screwdriver


Flathead 3/32" or 2.5 mm Screwdriver Bild
Flathead 3/32" or 2.5 mm Screwdriver


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