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iPhone 4 screen

Iceman4ua -

Mein Problem

The screen got cracked in the lower corner.

Meine Reparatur

Tear down went well due to having the correct tools as well as viewing a great youtube clip detailing the teardown. I placed a large piece of butchers paper on a table and labeled the area where the screws came from, the size if there were several different sizes in one area, and took photos as I went to compare if confusion set in. Unfortunately, a ribbon cable from the new screen got hung up under a piece of the motherboard when I tightened it down, and tore in two when I went to pull it to the motherboard for attachment.

Mein Rat

TAKE YOUR TIME!! I was so close to finished, I failed to realize how fragile the ribbon cable truly was, or that it was trapped under the top of the motherboard. Such a simple mistake cost me the entire teardown and 31 dollars for another screen.

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