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Dock connector replacement

cedricbastin -

iPhone 4

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iPhone 4 Dock Connector Replacement

45 Minuten - 1 Stunde


Mein Problem

My mother spilled some coffee over my iPhone, it still worked but I didn't charge any more. The guys at an authorized reseller told me that they had to replace the motherboard but this would cost as much, if not more, than a brand new iPhone so I decided to try it by myself. I bought an "iPhone Dock Connector" and a "Home Tech Toolkit".

Meine Reparatur

With the help of my father, 4 hours of free time and thanks to your awesome step-by-step guide we managed to successfully repair it. Now my iPhone 4 is charging again! =D Thank you!

Mein Rat

For complicated actions during the repair you could add a little video to your guide to explain what you did exactly. The pictures are not always clear enough. But thank you anyway for you help!

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