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Motorola Droid Maxx Display Screen Replacement

Rongwey -

Mein Problem

Simple screen replacement. I watch videos and look at teardowns to prepare for those little things smartphones are so full of. I replaced the screen because it was cracked (bought it that way). No display but the soft-keys did light up.

Meine Reparatur

The repair went fine. I had to salvage the frame. Tedious work but still not a big problem.

Mein Rat

Watch those volume keys!! None of the videos or tear-downs mention that they can be damaged so very easily.... none of the ones I watched before. ONE of the ones I watched afterward did.. I would advise anyone doing a repair that requires opening the phone where the buttons are soldered to the board to be very mindful of them. I don't have a p owerful enough magnifying glass to be sure but it looks like there are thin flex cables inside the button itself. Put the edge of the system board into the frame first.. Better yet, buy your new display with the frame already installed. Avoid the head slamming moment when you realize the buttons are mucked up.

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