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The joy of coffee

dtbrookes -

Mein Problem

So, the story begins when I poured about a pint of coffee over the top of my aluminum unibody macbook. This was unintentional of course. I hung it out to dry and everything worked fine, but the keyboard keys were sticking or unresponsive.

Meine Reparatur

After a few days my wife found ifixit.com and I ordered the ifixit base repair kit. I confess I'm fairly good with mechanical things. Although I have never taking a laptop apart before I pretty much took it apart without the guide, but I kept my wife's macbook air open next to me because occasionally I got stuck and by looking through the repair guides I found good advice about how to take specific bits off. I'd say I had the keyboard separated from the body in about an hour from starting. I soaked the keyboard in a bath of alcohol, dried it out and put the whole thing back together. Sadly the keys of the keyboard still don't work. Same story, they stick or are unresponsive. %#*@.

Mein Rat

My advice to you is don't spill coffee on your laptop. %#*@ it, that was an expensive mistake.

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