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How I Met My MacBook

ronkoby -

MacBook Core Duo

MacBook Core Duo Display Data Cable Replacement

MacBook Core Duo Display Data Cable Replacement

1 - 3 Stunden


Mein Problem

Vertical lines on display

Meine Reparatur

It was straight forward. Your guide is accurate. The most difficult part was getting started.

Mein Rat

I used plastic snack bags (zip lock) to keep track of the small parts. As I performed each step the screws, etc., went into a bag that I labeled with the step number. I also made notes as to screw length on the bag although that wasn't necessary since your guide gives that information. The nice thing was I didn't have any parts left over when I was finished just a lot of empty bags.

Your shipment of the replacement was quick.

Having an Ipad to scroll through the guide is helpful since it displays as a single (long) page and I could set it next to where I was working. It would not have been as easy with my Imac.

MacBook Display Data Cable Bild
MacBook Display Data Cable


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