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Repairing Samsung Galaxy player 5.0 headphone jack

Richard Graham -

Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0

Samsung Galaxy Media Player 5 Headphone Jack Replacement

Samsung Galaxy Media Player 5 Headphone Jack Replacement

5 Minuten

Very easy

Mein Problem

I fixed the problem because my headphone jack became deceased while I was at work about a year ago :(

Meine Reparatur

My repair was extremely easy. I didn't use the guide that was provided by ifixit. I just saw that there was only 3 tiny screws on the outside of the device AND I had a spare Phillips #0 Screwdriver in one of my kitchen draws from when I opened my macbook pro. I unscrewed the 3 screws 2 of which are covered on the very bottom of the device. I used a dull 3" knife I keep lying around and very carefully pried the back of the player off. The headphone had a tiny screw as well so I unscrewed that, removed the old jack and replaced it with the new. I pressed it into place, screwed it back in, replaced the back cover with the screws, powered it on and played a track. I was back in business :)

Mein Rat

My advice would be to NOT use a knife to pry open your device. Use a plastic wedge or something extremely thin and sturdy. I didn't damage my device at all ( luckily). But that's really all I can think of. It really only took 5 minutes. It would have been faster but after cleaning the house stuff just seems to "disappear" sometimes.

Galaxy Player 5.0 Headphone Jack Bild
Galaxy Player 5.0 Headphone Jack


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