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Beautiful screen!

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Mein Problem

I had dropped my phone a few times in the past and the it survived well. But I was not so lucky this last time when I opened the car door, the phone fell out and hit concrete facing down. I picked the phone up and felt very sad seeing it all shattered. But it still works while I wait for the order from iFixit.

Meine Reparatur

The repair was more difficult than I anticipated. Probably because I didn't have the right tool to remove the tiny screws, especially the one next to the headphone jack. I followed the instructions very carefully and watched the video the few times before starting to work on it. I also read the written instructions step-by-step while working on it. The screen fits perfectly without any gap at all. The phone now powers up fine and the screen is beautiful, but I wouldn't go through opening it again, because most of the screws went bad and would slip easily. The replacement screen from iFixit is undeniably gorgeous, just like the original screen, but I notice that sometime the touch screen responds erratically. To be specific, it may take a few swipes before the content page scrolls. And sometime during scroll, it clicks on contents while my finger is still swiping. The issue happens in most applications, including Safari, Facebook, Contacts, Photos. Quite annoying! Is this an issue reported by someone before? I might be me doing something wrong during the repair, but I checked and checked, even restored my phone to eliminate software issue. But it still clicks during scroll!

Mein Rat

Have the right tools before working on it, take your time, be extra careful, and get better protection for your phone.

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