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Tedious but Achievable Without Much Experience

Andrew Howes -

Mein Problem

Totally shattered screen

Meine Reparatur

This job is tedious, especially if your screen has totally sharted itself. One thing that I didn't consider is that if the aluminium is bent (i.e. the iPad has suffered from a decent fall) the new screen may not fit inside it. I couldn't bend it back into shape, but its easily hidden by a case.

Mein Rat

You don't really need the iOpener. A hairdryer, guitar pick, and hot pack will do the trick. That being said, support the website that makes this repair possible is always a great idea. Buying the display bezel is also a good idea, it makes removal so much simpler and less stressful.

iPad 2/3/4 Display Bezel Bild
iPad 2/3/4 Display Bezel


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