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iPhone Batt

willsceo -

Mein Problem

My iPhone batt died. It's not under warranty any more. I want to find an inexpensive solution from a reputable source.

Meine Reparatur

Repair was easy. Buying a batt on the internet made me very uncomfortable. I saw a lot of batts around that made me very uneasy to purchase. Then I came across ifixit. It felt right. Obviously from the site I can tell that they know whats going on. I felt comfortable and made the purchase. I also expanded my tool set at the same time. Other than the inspection scope (kinda cheap and I am having trouble with it) the tools are very nice and worth every penny.

Mein Rat

My advice too any one looking for a repair. Stop by ifixit and check them out. I am a computer technician by trade. I find they are knowledgeable, professional and reputable. I feel very comfortable purchasing my parts from them. I know I will get Apple quality parts that will work as expected. I plan on coming back for all my apple repair needs.

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