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Bigger (hard drive) Is always better!

naamol -

Mein Problem

On white unibody macbook, hard drive are often to small, especially if you it synchronised portable device eating up that small space

Meine Reparatur

I changed the hard disc. Now I will chase the dust in the computer and may be changes the heat sink

Mein Rat

The guide was very helpful, and help me change my disk in an afternoon, including the data transfer on the new disc. The spudger secured the operation. This would need to be precised.

I have two comment :

- Check the disc capacity you can install : it is not so explicit whether you can use a 750Go or a 500Go hard drive. The manual indicates both, even though the advise is to buy one of 500Go. It seems a bigger size doesn't fit, according to a few comments on chats.

- the trickiest - so to say - point was to disconnect the battery. The spudger was here. If you're not familiar with those operation, you have to lift it upside. Better not to do as the picture suggests (attack from a corner), better put the spudger flat end under the small side of the connector.

Spudger Bild


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