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iPAD mini 2 tricky repair

michael -

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi LCD Replacement

iPad Mini 2 Wi-Fi LCD Replacement

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Mein Problem

Touchscreen was broken beyond functioning. LCD looked ok, but maybe had hairline crack.

Meine Reparatur

Taking old touchscreen off was not too bad, but glue was very difficult at top edge. I had to keep reheating. The iFixit instructions have many steps for trying to preserve the touchscreen, but most of the time you'll be removing a broken one. Use tape and make a loop with the tape to help pull up.

Hardest problem was frame was bent and corner smashed in so new touchscreen didn't fit well. Make sure touchscreen lays flat and fits easily. Do NOT force the touchscreen or it will crack. Straighten the frame and clean any old glue off with alcohol so the touchscreen adheres well.

Mein Rat

When removing LCD, do NOT pry from top as pictured in the iFixit instructions. You will crack the LCD. It is VERY fragile. Instead, slide spudger along left and right sides and push sideways on LCD slightly to unstick any glue and make sure the LCD is not hooked under the lip of the frame on the sides. After that, tip the LCD up starting at the top using wide spatula slid all the way underneath, and then stab at the tape at the bottom edge of the LCD to unhook the tape.

When replacing the LCD, make sure the shield plate lays flat so the LCD does not push up against the touchscreen or the touchscreen will be flaky.

iPad mini 2/3 LCD Bild
iPad mini 2/3 LCD


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