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A modder or do it yourselfer's dream

justinfrawley -

Mein Problem

I had a few reasons to order this tool. The first and most important was to upgrade the internal storage of my HTC TROPHY (why they used a micro sd card you CAN'T easily get to is beyond me). I got a 1st gen iPod Touch from a friend with a dead battery, and finally I was modifying a arcade stick for xbox 360 so I could put in better quality components and make it useable with a playstation 3

Meine Reparatur

The removal of the HTC Trophy only took long because it was my only phone and I was being very cautious. however once the necessary parts were separated I threw in a 32GB Micro SD and i'm rocken the apps, music, and xbox live games with plenty of room to spare. The replacement of the ipod touch battery was not so much fun.....lets just say apple and I don't get along. But after fadangling the battery and the cover enough i got it working and have a new handheld.....that I use for games. The arcade stack was the easiest, separated plastic from plastic but most of all, help take out the ugly Wrestling sticker that was used as a cover (Mad Katz Brawl Stick if your curious) and I can now put my own art work on once I get the new arcade parts.

Mein Rat

if you are using a spudger BE GENTLE. I already ruined the pointed tip of mine by jamming it two hard in to a place it couldn't go. it takes finesse to use it and its not just a simple think of pop in the knife and turn it like i would if i didn't have to worry about static electricity

Spudger Bild


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