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Swapped my iMacs optical drive for an SSD OCZ Vertex 2

KaiSteinicke -

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Mein Problem

I wanted to swap my iMacs optical drive for a blazing fast SSD, so I went out and found this enclosure on iFixit.

Meine Reparatur

I used the guide for the optical drive change for 2009 iMacs. (I could notch include this guide to this post, but it is out there in the guide section). All I needed was something to lift up the iMacs front glass and a TX10 screwdriver.

Mein Rat

After you reboot your iMac for the first time, take the time to search on internet for guides to carbon copy clone your old boot drive to the new ssd. The important part is that you can actually keep your home folder on your internal disk simply by changing the path in the user system preference pane.

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