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iPhone 6 GPS working like new!!

Wes Adeyinka-Skold -

iPhone 6

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iPhone 6 Antenna Flex Cable Replacement

2 Stunden


Mein Problem

The GPS functionality was very inaccurate, making it seem like I was driving in bodies of water or random neighborhoods. Simply put, the phone could no longer assess my location correctly.

Meine Reparatur

Almost everything was EXTREMELY smooth. I had removed the logic board on an iphone 4 in the past, so I felt more comfortable this time around. The one hitch was that I accidentally tried to plug the antenna connector wire into a screw hole as opposed to back onto the logic board. I used too much force, causing the padding to come off the back of it. That said, I was able to get it onto the logic board once I figured out the issue.

Mein Rat

Setup is key. Make sure you make a chart (magnetic, or using double-sided tape) to keep track of each exact length of screw. There are about 12 different lengths of screws!! Breathe, take your time, and use steady, confident motions. Lastly, there are two different phillips screw heads in the pack--one is wider, and one is deeper. The deeper one is better for getting the screws back in to the screw holes. The wider one is necessary for getting them all-the-way tight.

iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable Bild
iPhone 6 Logic Board Antenna Flex Cable


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