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repairing my joy con stick drift problem

Privatemanny -

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Mein Problem

the problem started 6 months ago when I was playing then the sticks started to drift and it made my gameplay unplayable including it was annoying, hey but at least it lasted for 2 years and 4 months before it started to drift

Meine Reparatur

the repair went great the left joy-con was very easy to replace the stick and put back together but the right one was easy to take apart but where the trigger button cable and including it was with a case to hold the battery in place and it was very tedious to plug that sucker in then eventually I was able to plug it in but that was just the only part I struggled at but everything was very simple and easy I just watched a video on how the joy-con looks like when taken apart just that helped me to get a grasp on what to expect from this repair

Mein Rat

well first off be very careful of the small ribbon cables on the joy-con it's self you could rip them and be sure when replacing the joysticks to bend the cable like the original so it doesn't stay stressed as seen in the picture above between the joy-cons and those are the old sticks

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