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Battery fixed my watch but lost some blood in the process.

Paul Soldo -

Apple Watch Series 2

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Apple Watch Series 2 Battery Replacement

3 Stunden


Mein Problem

Screen went completely blank without warning. Tried all the tricks to fix but completely dead. Figure I would give the battery replacement a try as I had little to lose.

Meine Reparatur

Well, getting the screen off was a problem for me. Using the kit heat sock twice and then the razor blade, I just could it get it to lift. After some scuffing of the gold bezel I ended up pushing harder when the blade slipped and gave my left thumb a real nice slice. After deciding stitches may not be needed I forged ahead. This time used a hair dryer and a thin feeler gauge to sneak under. This proved way easier than a sharp razor. From there most went well. My gasket was damaged and was confused how it connects to the watch, but learned as I replaced. Hopefully the stick if good. Odd what I removed was gold but the replacement is black.

I did end up removing the screen connectors and tape. Not sure I should have but just slipped back and reused the tape. Not sure what the square black tape was for and never used it.

After some trouble and seeing the green snake, I gave it some time and things started working. Heck just the snake was an improvement.

We will see how things work with hope that all the touching stuff works normally and water keeps from getting in.

Update-watch no longer makes sound. Not sure what got unplugged or ruined but sound has been lost. Any idea how to fix it? And is it worth going back in?

Mein Rat

I highly recommend skipping the razor and use a thin feeler gauge and just work it along the perimeter.

Maybe a sealant on top would have been another option over just the gasket.

Clear pictures on what gets removed in regards to the force sensor and gasket. This stuff is tiny and my aging eyes had trouble knowing what to unplug and remove. Hopefully I didn’t damage anything like the speaker?

Apple Watch (42 mm Series 2) Replacement Battery Bild
Apple Watch (42 mm Series 2) Replacement Battery


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