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Thermal Paste Replacement on MacBookAir.

zacshahan -

Electronics Skills

How to Apply Thermal Paste

How to Apply Thermal Paste

5 - 20 Minuten


Mein Problem

I started getting 3 beeps when I turned the machine on. I was told it was a memory problem and that I would have to replace the logic board. I had heard that replacing the thermal paste may resolve the issue, so I tried it first.

Meine Reparatur

The repair process went great. I did not need to go through as many steps, as the heat sink is easily removed without removing the battery and hard drive. The repair did not work though. It appears to be an actual memory problem that will require a new logic board.

Mein Rat

Definitely try this repair first, as it will only set you back <$20. A new logic board runs around $600.

Spudger Bild


Arctic Silver Thermal Paste Bild
Arctic Silver Thermal Paste


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