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Replacing battery on a 1st gen iphone 2G

run4da -

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Mein Problem

Battery was not holding a charge

Meine Reparatur

I was definitely scared about attempting this project. The first challenge (prying open the antennae cover) was very daunting. I've uploaded a pic for illustration purposes - A is where I started to pry open the case, and B is the correct location for prying open the start of the back cover. Once I got that part off, my confidence became stronger as I continued. I must say this is a difficult task, but is doable with steady hands and calm nerves.

Mein Rat

Buy all the suggested parts and tools, follow along with the online guide ( I used my hp tablet ). I also think that the guide needs to be more explicit. Prying of the black part n this device is the hardest, once you get it off the rest is a piece of cake.

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Lead-Free Solder


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Desoldering Braid


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