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Pro tool Repair kit

revanantwraith -

Mein Problem

I am actually a Tech for a company that has a multitude of different devices. This repair kit has a nice selection of tools for use when out in the field. or when i am away from my office.... in the basement.....otherwise known as "The Geek Lab"

Meine Reparatur

fixes thus far?

iphones - II

Ipad 2 - I

various PCs - (who knows....i lose count)

blade server - I

xbox 360 - IIII

ps3 -I

Mein Rat

good product...

good quality....

BE CAREFUL when using the metal "prybars"

would like to create a backpack or "stomp bag"(army medics use these)

with all my tools for when i go out to remote areas for work; or some kind of "tech shop in a bag" idea

But this kit generally has me taken care of for most repairs.

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