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My first ever Iphone repair

tbeckelheimer -

iPhone 3GS

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement

iPhone 3GS Front Panel Replacement


Mein Problem

I own a small computer repair shop, were I also offer service from a popular MVNO. People are alway calling asking if I repair Iphones or Ipods. I always say No!. Until now, my oldest granddaughter dropped her phone and shattered the glass. She begged me to at least try to fix her phone.

Meine Reparatur

The overall repair was much easier than I thought it would be. THe hardest part was getting all of the small slivers of broken glass off of the frame. Total time was a little over 1 hour, and that included a coffee break.

Mein Rat

When applying heat to soften the adhesive, use a heat gun that is less than 600 watts, or a hair dryer on high heat and low fan speed. Take your time, it is not a race.

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