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Never Again!

bheadrick -

iPod Touch 4th Generation

iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

iPod Touch 4th Generation Front Panel Replacement

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Mein Problem

I got a great deal on it off egay and it had a cracked screen. I was unaware of this till it came in the mail. After checking the fine print after the sale it in fact did say it had a bad screen. I still came out on top cause it was cheaper to just replace the screen myself. I had in the past replaced a iPhone 4 and a iPhone 4s screen. This repair was NOTHING like either of those.

Meine Reparatur

Getting the front screen was easy with the ifixit hair dryer i got. This was a job a little over my head. Lots of peeling of sticky and prying of metal. Hardest part was getting the copper tape off and back on. Second hardest was getting the long ribbon to attach to board. Its back together now and the ipod works.

Mein Rat

I hope to never do this again this made me want to treat my toys better. My hind end was attached to my chair through out the entire process. Take your time and watch the pictures very carefully where to pry things. My advice would be DON't if you have a smart buddy whos good with things have them do it. Or buy a new one. I would have posted pics but i didnt want you to see me crying.

Heat Gun Bild
Heat Gun


iPod touch (4th Gen) Screen Bild
iPod touch (4th Gen) Screen


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