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Broken Iphone display: 7 ans de malheur!

francoiscombe -

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Mein Problem

My iphone is always with me... even on my scooter that I use every day to go and visit my prospects and customers. So a recommandation: never put your iphone on your scooter as, when you start ridding your scooter, it will always drop down... and crash!

Meine Reparatur

The repair process was a very good moment, even if I was (very) worried by the numbers of steps for this repair... and above all by the size of the screws (compared to the size of my fingers ;-) as I am not a manual guy and not used to repair by myself ...

Thanks to your very good Ifixit guide and the Ifixit toolkit, I succeeded to repair my display.

I took me almost two hours to do that. AND KNOW MY IPHONE WORKS FINE ;-)

Mein Rat

Just take care to place each material (exemple screws) you've removed at each step, in a specific box for each step. This will help you to rebuild the display without any questions such as:" what are the appropriate screws for this step?"

(hopping that my frenglish will be understandable...)

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