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No problem, dad can fix anything.

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Mein Problem

Typical teenage boy must have iPhone within arms length at all times. Teenage boy keeps iPhone in lap while in car. Teenage boy gets out of car. Teenage boy sees iPhone fly out of lap onto pavement. Teenage boy expects dad to fix it because dad can fix anything, right.

Meine Reparatur

The repair was difficult. When she advised to make a screw tray, she meant it. I did not and had to use trial and error to get everything in its place. A strong magnifying glass and bright lamp help but younger eyes would be even better! I have worked on a lot of stuff but have never seen screws this small. Hard to imagine the machining process these must go through. I feel for those who have to assemble these things every day. End the end, I was successful. This was much harder than replacing the logic board in my ancient iPod Video. Patience and a steady hand are required.

Mein Rat

Magnifying glass, bright lamp and a white box lid. Draw or take and print pictures o your piPhone as you disassemble and label each screw and its location.

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