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Cracked rear glass panel on my iPhone

tnormanbartlett -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Rear Panel Replacement

iPhone 4S Rear Panel Replacement

10 Minuten


Mein Problem

When the phone fell, the rear glass panel cracked even though I had protective sleeve around the device. Most of the "splintering" effect was hidden by the phone case, but there were some sharp edges and little slivers would fall out every now and then. I wanted to get it fixed.

Meine Reparatur

The repair was *super* easy. Take out the two screws, slide broken panel away, and replace it with the new one. Simple.

Mein Rat

Not reading any instructions, I thought the old panel would simply "lift up" once the screws were removed. Not so. You need to slide first, then lift up.

iPhone 4S Blank Rear Glass Panel Bild
iPhone 4S Blank Rear Glass Panel


P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone Bild
P2 Pentalobe Screwdriver iPhone


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