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IPod Touch, I did it!

isabellegalloni -

iPod Touch 2nd Generation

iPod Touch 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

iPod Touch 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

1 - 4 Stunden

Very difficult

Mein Problem

The battery was dead, and we didn't want to buy a new IPod Touch just cause of that...

Meine Reparatur

It was perfect! The only "difficult" part was the soldering. But it was pretty easy in fact. No worries about that!

Mein Rat

Just do it! It's much more cheaper than buying a new IPod Touch, and if you really can't do that, that's not a problem. At least you can say that you've tried it!

iPod touch (2nd Gen) Battery Bild
iPod touch (2nd Gen) Battery


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