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Home button replacement

Chel -

Mein Problem

Home button of my iPhone 4 wan't working fine.

Meine Reparatur

I fixing iPhones since two years but never had problems with my one until last month. I had some issues with the home button. So I decided to replace it because it wasn't working every time. I had some tools before but not very good quality. Then I decided to fix my one, but first buy the Pro Tech Toolkit. I fix it in around one hour. The worst part was separate the screen from the frame. The rest all went fine. The tools works fine, I had everything I need it. Good tools to have when you fix many iPhones. You save time and improve your repairs quality.

Mein Rat

If you buy from Europe, you have to pay frontier Tax. But Ok.

Pro Tech Toolkit Bild
Pro Tech Toolkit


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