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I want the iFixit stamp!

JC Delay -

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Mein Problem

Multiple scratches on the back and front panel; Huge crack on the front; Broken home button; Flabby power button.

I fixed it so a friend could use it and finally drop her previous "phone" (you know, those weird things called "phones" but barely capable on making a phone call ;-).

Meine Reparatur

Perfect, it was the third time I was opening up and changing both the front and back panel. However it was the first time I was touching the home button.

It took about an hour, no guide needed. Every thing went fine and for once, I did not feel like torturing that poor motherboard when replacing it into the device!

Mein Rat

iFixit guys are experts, and they really are doing a very good job. But do not feel like repairing your device yourself is difficult. Get some confidence and go for it. Once it's done, you'll realise that it's not worth the anxiety!

iPhone 4 Home Button Assembly Bild
iPhone 4 Home Button Assembly


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