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Ah well, another one bites the metal

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Electronics Skills

How to Apply Thermal Paste

How to Apply Thermal Paste

5 - 20 Minuten


Mein Problem

In possession of two Powerbook G4's; my dear old friend (DOF for short) and my daughter's unit (DU for short), both of which gave up at the same time. DOF gives the meltdown message in an assortment of languages to shut down now if you open more than one browser page and the DU is a simple gray screen. As the DU is rather banged up and her super drive kaput I determined to take her logic board and upgrade memory and HD to an SSD making my DOF a mighty soul again.

Meine Reparatur

Alas. As I approached the final stretch of removing DU's HD so I could be sure that the logic board was fully functional before doing that entire switch out, I stripped the 2 phillips head screws that keep the HD frame onto the unit. Unless some miracle occurs to release them I will have to drill them out and forgo testing the logic board and just go for broke on it. I'm taking a sabbatical on it until I can work up the courage to accept possibly murdering the logic board while drilling out the screws.

Mein Rat

Make certain your micro screw drivers are in no way compromised (stripped) and the correct fit. Although it worked on all other screws without incident, these screws were especially tight (reasons known only to God and Apple) and I couldn't get the proper tork on them.

Spudger Bild


Magnetic Pickup Tool Bild
Magnetic Pickup Tool


Arctic Silver Thermal Paste Bild
Arctic Silver Thermal Paste


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