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Dream Multi-tool prier

pkoumpa -

Mein Problem

Take apart my 6th gen ipod classic to replace a dead battery. Then had some fun taking apart my Samsung Galaxy SII! And put it back together just fin and working like normal

Meine Reparatur

Apple products the usual case; they are still a P.I.T.A to take apart but the iSesamo tools were a lot easier to handle then those plastic chinese made junk pry sticks and less scary to use a putty knife haha. Essential the iSesamo is a technicians multi-tool prier to take anything apart! Best $10 i have bought in my tool bag so far!

Mein Rat

Must have in ANY technicians tool bag when you need to take apart anything small electronic device!

iSesamo Opening Tool Bild
iSesamo Opening Tool


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