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No more noice.

brian -

Mein Problem

My trusty MacBook Pro started making a rattling noise from the right side, sometime in October, I opened it up but could not find anything. And When I closed it again the noise was gone. But then again just before christmas it came back, and this time it did not go away.

I contacted a few different shops, none had the fan on stock, and even if they would have it the price they asked was insane. I had originally ordered it from another place, but after waiting for two months I canceled, and ordered it from iFixit, who delivered the fan to Europe, in just 3 days from when I made the order, and including shipping the cost was lower than any other place I had found here.

Meine Reparatur

I have opened up my MacBook a couple of times, first time to upgrade the internal memory, this was easy. Second time was to upgrade the internal harddrive, this was more tricky, but I have repaired many computers so not that tricky, and I have upgraded the drive once more to an SSD.

The fan was more tricky, I could not find out what the model number on my Mac was. But when I finally figured it out, it was easy to change it, only concern was that the Fan has some kind of sticky tape to seal the airflow, this was not mentioned anywhere, I was able to use some other tape to seal the old one to the new fan.

Mein Rat

When trying to find out my modelnumber the guides pointed that it should be written underneath, but it was not. I have no text on the bottom of the MacBook, my guess is that it has been worn of over the years.

After searching I made a guestimate of what model I had.

Also the guide does not mention the sticky seal tape that is on the fan, it is on the pictures in the guide, but not mentioned, since the new fan does not come with a replacement tape, you will need to carefully peal if of not to damage it(too much), and then use some other sticky tape to put it back, since the glue will not hold it after taking it of.

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