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Now you can see all of that dust! ;)

maxB -

iPhone 4S

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iPhone 4S Rear Panel Replacement

10 Minuten


Mein Problem

Cracked rear panel

Meine Reparatur

The easiest and most gratifying repair one can do themselves.

Mein Rat

Tiny bits of dust on the black interior of your phone will now drive you nuts-as will the fingerprints and smears on the glass. Be prepared to remove the glass a few times to chase down these annoying little problems-it's worth the trouble. A micro-fiber cloth is a must, but if you're really into it, cloth gloves will make you a pro. It might also get you a sweet assembly job at Foxconn. Holding the transparent back up to a really good light source and viewing it against a black surface, like the old back you're replacing, will help track down smears. I had a really stubborn bit of smear on the inside of the lens port (probably from rubbing against the rubber seal) which required a little Goo Gone applied (sparingly) with a cue tip.

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