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Steven -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Replacement

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Replacement

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Mein Problem

The volume wasnt working properly on an iPhone 4S that a friend had given to me. Research showed that the dock connector was faulty. I could have purchased this product from china for $5, but I have been inside iPhones before and with this replacement, with all the parts you need to take out and bend cables. Depending on what step you have gotten to, you seriously only get one shot, so I knew I needed a reputable company to purchase the replacement from, and I was not disappointed.

Meine Reparatur

Got everything working the first time around. I was very satisfied with the product. The instructions are a little light in my opinion with regards to a couple steps. Use the annotated instructions people have added over time. Read thru them prior to doing this.. Prepare yourself for the smallest screws you have ever...ever seen.

Mein Rat

USE THE COMMENTS SECTION!! There are a couple very undocumented parts of this repair.

1. When you take the battery connector out, there is a little L shaped spring underneath one of the screw. There is conflicting information here that if this spring comes out you have screwed up your phone. It is untrue. The spring MUST come out because its only being held in by the screw. Be VERY careful replacing it exactly as it came out though, or you wont have a phone to use. This is one of those steps that as soon as you take the battery cable out, this thing pops out of your phone and you start cursing and then maybe 3 steps later they mention it in passing.

2. The Microphone rubber cover. No where does it say how it is attached to the actual microphone. It slides in and you have to be careful about doing it, fragile cables. There is no possible way to reinstall the rubber gasket back inside the phone in the reverse of removing it. It must go in first and then you have to put all the cables in around it or it is almost impossible to install.

3. This is the most crucial. If you havent done this before but feel confident. For the love of it all, buy the ifixit 53 Bit Driver Kit. It has been one of the best purchases Ive made. If you dont have a proper magnetic driver kit, don't even attempt this.

4. Keep track of your screws and parts. Major failing of this guide is that there are 6 types of screws types, but they still only use red and orange to circle the screws no matter their size. Do yourself a favor and get a white piece of paper, draw 6 circles and name them each screw size and put the screws on the paper during the install.

5. There is adhesive on this part. Each is covered by either a clear or blue plastic cover for shipping. There is a tab on each piece. It may seem silly, but some are tiny and covering parts that need contact with the phone. There were a couple helpful comments that I read that told me of the distinct pain of not peeling the one off by the microphone and the phone not working.

iPhone 4S Dock Connector Bild
iPhone 4S Dock Connector


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