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Eastern Washington University, Team S2-G4, Munoz Winter 2018


Team Schlagwort: EWU-MUNOZ-W18S2G4

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The members on our team are Abdualmjeed Alabdurazzaq, Rikki Byrnes, and Mohammed Bukhamseen and Dane DuBois. we all work as one and with the variety of the majors and skills we have going to benefit us in the future and specifically in this team project. for Example, Abdualmjeed Alabdurazzaq's major is computer science and that will benefit in computing and programming. and Rikki Byrnes majoring in visual communication design and that benefit us when we send and receive emails and even design pages. for Mohammed Bukhamseen he's major is biology lets keep it straight, he will be able to assist the team in their decision and other inquires. Dane DuBois is majoring in business management and can understand more of what the teacher is asking us to do and can relate it back to the group for better understanding of the whole project which makes the group work together better and become more efficient.