Speziell für diesen Teardown benötigte Werkzeuge


This thing landed in our laps. We tried it, tested it, and then ripped it apart! All information can be found at www.phonewreck.com.

Diese Zerlegung ist keine Reparaturanleitung. Um dein BlackBerry Presenter zu reparieren, verwende unsere Fehlerbehebungsseite.

The BlackBerry Presenter
  • The BlackBerry Presenter

    • ~$200

    • Solid Design

    • A clever design trick,the Power Button is the Blackberry Logo

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Moving around the back, we see all of the ports
  • Moving around the back, we see all of the ports

  • VGA Port

  • S Video Port

  • Micro Usb

  • NTSC/PAl Switch

VGA Port

S video Port

Micro Usb

laa2004 - Antwort

  • Peel back the Rubber pad on the bottom of the device.

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  • Grab your T7 and poke it through the adhesive pad.

    • Remove the four screws. The top portion of the device should lift free, pretty easily.

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  • There's the PCB! Now to get under it..

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  • Grab a small wrench or a pair of pliers and remove the screws holding in the VGA port.

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  • Focus Enchancments : FS455LF 0731 kox4h00 is a TV encoder designed for applications which require Component Video, VGA, or RGB output capabilities.It can accept digital video or computer graphics in many different resolutions and rates, and convert them to high quality analog video.

  • TI TMS320 DM350ZWX

  • ST microelectronics

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