• I grab this video from Youtube, its show very clear how to open the top and the back panel. Please watch until 2min

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  1. Unscrew the white box cover in the back, 4 screws.
    • Unscrew the white box cover in the back, 4 screws.

    • Remove the white box cover, and then careful lift the electronic board as the picture

    • Look for two line, one white and one black on the bottom. They should be connect to the electronic board through 2 connectors

    • Cut that two lines

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    • Unscrew and take out the dial

    • Take out the outer burr

    • Unscrew 4 screws

    • Take out the motor

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    • Unscrew 4 screws

    • Carefull lift the part with motor up.

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    • Examine the gear.

    • In my case, I found one strange object, sticked on the gear wall. Look like it is a washer pressed with gear teethes. Good to take it out but I wonder where it came from?

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    • Unscrew this, remember follow the clock wise

    • If you just want to replace worn out impeller: hold the limiter steady, unscrew (red square) with clock wise, take out the inner burr. And try to clean and replace the impeller while holding the limiter! You should ask some body to help with this step.

    • Take the Limiter out. Take care because it go with 6 balls and 6 springs! Perform this step only if you think there are some wrong with the Limiter (Big crack sound when grind )

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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