Speziell für diesen Teardown benötigte Werkzeuge


This disassembly will show you how to remove the logic board as well as the lcd.

Dieser Teardown ist keine Reparaturanleitung. Um dein Motorola Defy zu reparieren, verwende unsere Fehlerbehebungsseite.

  1. Power down the phone
    • Power down the phone

  2. On the back there is a slider that locks the back cover on slide this over to unlock it.
    • On the back there is a slider that locks the back cover on slide this over to unlock it.

    • Remove the battery and sim card as well as the micro sd if one.

    • Remove the two torx screws in each corner.

    • Remove the 3 torx screws on both sides.

    • Now remove one more torx screw on the bottom.

    • Use the pry tool and insert in between the black and white plastic. Slide across all sides to unlock the clips holding it together.

    • Remove the the back case (white section) revealing the logic board.

    • Use the pry tool and detach the digitizer cable and LCD cable from the board.

    • Lift the logic board out of the phone revealing the LCD.

    • Use pry tool to gently lift the LCD out of the phone revealing the digitizer.

    • Now all that is left is the digitizer frame holding the digitizer.

    • To remove a broken digitizer heat the front edges of this frame to soften the digitizer adhesive and pry away from the frame.

    • Thats it now just follow these steps in reverse to put your phone back together.


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Brilliant! Many thanks. Things to watch: the volume rocker and on switch tend to fall out, so secured them to the back with a little bit of masking tape while I reassembled. Helped to slightly lift one end of the motherboard so the case can go around the USB power socket. After that it fits back together with only minor persuasion.

Gareth Dart - Antwort


my Search "button" stop lightning. The other 3 "buttons" are ok.

Did someone know the reason?

Thank you!

timarzoltan83 - Antwort

Thanks for help! Real great Guide.

Daniel - Antwort

Help! I bought a t5 torx screwdriver to open my motorola and the screwdriver seems too smal! Wtf? Many dismount video says that this is a t5 model, I don't understand...

Pierre Flq - Antwort

can you mark ram on that board ?

demon leaks - Antwort

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