Speziell für diesen Teardown benötigte Werkzeuge


I'm going to open my old Nokia phone to have a look.But I only have very limited English writing skills and I hope you'll understand what I'm talking about.

Diese Zerlegung ist keine Reparaturanleitung. Um dein Nokia 6108 zu reparieren, verwende unsere Fehlerbehebungsseite.

Hello,I'm going to open my phone for some fun.
  • Hello,I'm going to open my phone for some fun.

    • Be careful not to drop any screws or parts when you're opening your phone.This may render your phone not usuable.Open your phone at your own risk.

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Remove the following parts.
  • Remove the following parts.

    • Battery cover

    • Battery

    • SIM card

  • Remove two trox screws marked in figure 2.

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  • Remove the front panel by pulling it or using an

    • I don't have a opening tool.So I used a flathead screw driver instead.

  • Be careful not the damage the number pad connector(highlighted in red).If you break it.You'll have to replace the entre front panel.

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  • Remove 5 trox screws that are holding the screen and the touch pad.

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  • After removing the touch pad and the screen.You can remove the logic board from the case.

  • The board seem don't want to leave its cozy home.

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  • Let's start removing the parts under the logic board.

  • Parts need to be removed.

    • A motor

    • Charger connector

    • A speaker

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  • Removing the EMI shield.Pry around the edge of the shield to remove it.

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  • Nothing under the EMI shield.

  • I think we should stop here right now.There are pictures for all parts.

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i have same phone but it's keypad button's are not working.... can u help me that

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