Diese Zerlegung ist keine Reparaturanleitung. Um dein Samsung Galaxy Ace zu reparieren, verwende unsere Fehlerbehebungsseite.

Rotate your Phone.
  • Rotate your Phone.

  • Remove the plastic battery door.

  • Remove battery.

  • Unscrew all 7 screws so that the cover can be removed.

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With a plastic tool separate the frame from the aluminum plate. (either from the inside or outside)
  • With a plastic tool separate the frame from the aluminum plate. (either from the inside or outside)

  • Make sure your Micro SD card is removed from the device Micro SD card slot.

  • Disconnect the microphone using your fingers, be careful not to do too much pressure.

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  • Disconnect the light sensor and ear piece speaker.To remove this use a plastic tool.

  • Disconnect the volume rocker, be very careful! They are very thin and glued with double-sided tape. If possible, use isesamo or something really thin!

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  • Lift the logic board from the right side, be careful not cause any damage to gently rotate the LCD connector.

  • Now with a plastic tool you can disconnect the LCD connector.

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  • Remove logic board

  • Disconnect speaker and camera with a plastic tool.

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  • Use a plastic tool or something sharp to lift the aluminum protection that serves to fix earpiece speaker and light sensor and remove it.

  • After lifting the connector of the touch screen (black tab), lift the cable carefully!

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  • Press the home button to remove it. (This is not fixed,no material).

  • Heat the glass lens with a hot air gun, a tool insert after "isesamo" and slowly raise it.

  • Remove it.

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  • Disassembly is finished! To assemble, follow the guide from the end point to the initial.

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Very helpful, I had to open it all up as shown in photo to get my stuck SIM cards out. Thanks.

Yash J - Antwort

My ace s5830 cant sharging i change ic charge and battary and also can t charging why !

Jaafar Fakih - Antwort

Maybe motherboard or cable is dead?

Paul Richard -

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