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Dieser Teardown ist keine Reparaturanleitung. Um dein Samsung Galaxy S22 zu reparieren, verwende unsere Fehlerbehebungsseite.

    • Alle Schrauben sind handelsübliche Kreuzschlitzschrauben.
    • Der Austausch des Akkus ist zu kompliziert für eine Komponente mit beschränkter Lebensdauer.
    • Bei jeder Reparatur muss man sich durch hartnäckigen Kleber kämpfen.
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5 Kommentare

What happened to the detailed written teardowns with pictures of every step? This is incredibly disappointing.

Marcus Carr - Antwort

My understanding is iFixit, like many other businesses, has experienced some staffing issues and simply doesn't have the manpower to put that style of tear-down together right now. I don't remember where I heard this next bit, but I thought I saw someone say they may have had some new hires lined up, so hopefully we see the other style of tear-down make a return soon, but I guess only time will tell.

Benjamin Heinisch -

Thanks for the insight, that makes sense.

Marcus Carr -

That's great, but what am I looking at here? Where is the Exynos? What version of S22 is this? Come on, be scientific. Give us the details. Model number is a simple but important detail that you have left out, yet you're down at the chip level and talking about numbers. You know as well as I do that there are many versions and models within the same series.

Samir - Antwort

What exactly are you on about... with removing the OLED screen from the frame quote 'when you already have a cracked screen'? To replace with what? a chinese LCD knockoff?! On which planet are you living as around here in 'name country' service pack AMOLED 120Hz are available!

ALL Samsung service pack parts available (genuine) come with complete chassis.

And it's not like crApple where everything is paired with the mainboard... Available to buy Samsung batteries, screens, originals, are same as factory ones...and require no drama !

The only need to remove the OLED screen assembly is minor glass damage for glass-only replacement (best of luck, not advised).

With Samsung S21 / Plus and S22 / Plus COMPLETE SCREEN ASSEMBLY WITH CHASSIS costing 140-160€(in Spain/ similar equivalent anywhere else) at the moment, it's not necessary to change the outer glass, just get a complete new screen with chassis.

Also the back: STOP ADVERTISING your blue overpriced plastic picks and the heatplate, just get any piece of sturdy (THINNER) plastic packaging, cut out a rectangular piece, all you need is heat plus separate adhesive, get a heatgun and heat by sections, back will come out without any drama!

Your blue picks are great, but NOT for samsung backs, you will crack the corner. IFixIT you're no gospel of repairs, with all due respect, this is b0tch job extreme using blue picks on the back of Samsungs.

PS: Some of your screwdriver sets have become laughing stock!

TB_rep - Antwort

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