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SK17i Guide aint found anywhere on the www, so i figured i'd make one for the kind ppl, whom has provided some great guiden for me trough the repairs i've made :)

Please enjoy, and comment.

Dieser Teardown ist keine Reparaturanleitung. Um dein Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro SK17i zu reparieren, verwende unsere Fehlerbehebungsseite.

  1. Turn Off the phone :), Remove back cover, battery and simcard + sd card from the phone!
    • Turn Off the phone :), Remove back cover, battery and simcard + sd card from the phone!

  2. Behind the battery, you will have to remove the CE sticker!
    • Behind the battery, you will have to remove the CE sticker!

    • Remove from Sim-tray and down, it wont break.

  3. Remove 7 bolts.
    • Remove 7 bolts.

    • Release clickholders, 5 pcs (green). The back should lift up from the surround.

    • Release from the bottom up.

    • Be careful around the camera, as theres a Flex cable right under it, attatched to the logicboard.

  4. Release the Flex cable by lifting the lower end off the logic board, and lift off the back assembly.
    • Release the Flex cable by lifting the lower end off the logic board, and lift off the back assembly.

    How do I "release the flex cable"? Thanks!

    xianndc22 - Antwort

    I figured it out. You just lift it from the place it's connected, the flat square end comes up revealing a square underneath. I used a screwdriver to gently pry it up.

    xianndc22 -

  5. Unclip the keypad/screen ribbon cable
    • Unclip the keypad/screen ribbon cable

    • Unclip the camera

    • Unclip the small tabs holding the motherboard down and slide it out.

    • Lift the motherboard up from the opposite side to the usb port

    • To aid removal gently push the motherboard from the keypad side.

    My motherboard doesn't seem to come up. A few other commenters had this problem I think. Any ideas?

    xianndc22 - Antwort

    I had to disconnect the screen cable first.

    xianndc22 -

    To release the logic board, you need to release the ribbon cable at the side (carefully lift the flat steel strip) and remove the rubber stopper from the USB port. Then slide out the keyboard and gently push on the keys to release the board from its clips. Once it's part of the way up try slipping a fingernail or similar under the board and gently pry it up until it comes loose.

    Rob Kemp - Antwort

  6. Release Screen flexcable + lift off of adhesive under flexcable!
    • Release Screen flexcable + lift off of adhesive under flexcable!

    • Remove 7 bolts (black ones), holding the slide/screen in place.

    Do you know what the screw models are?

    Yeng - Antwort

    In this photo we can still see the keyboard, right? This is confusing to me, because I supposed it should have been removed with the motherboard in the previous step...

    Yuyu - Antwort

  7. Remove 3 bolts, top right one is covered, look carefully
    • Remove 3 bolts, top right one is covered, look carefully

    • The Green line, shows where to flick the slide off of the screen assembly!

    • Easiest way: is to flick it at the top, where you removed 2 bolts. It will come off, pretty easy.

    The lay out of my phone on step 7 is *completely* different to this particular image. Further to this the one screw in step seven has been glued in place. There is also no way to release the screen cable in step six.

    You can see here the layout is completely different -


    james - Antwort

  8. Once slide is removed, you got access to LCD and touch assembly. Easily remove the small flexcable from touch to LCD and take off LCD.
    • Once slide is removed, you got access to LCD and touch assembly. Easily remove the small flexcable from touch to LCD and take off LCD.

    • If you've got a new LCD assembly, probably no speaker is part of it. In that case don't forget to remove it from the defective assembly (see on the far left) and put it in the new assembly. It is simply mounted with adhesive.

  9. The LCD and the Touch glass CAN NOT be separated!!!!!!!!
    • The LCD and the Touch glass CAN NOT be separated!!!!!!!!

    • Go to step 10!

  10. Use a thin tool to wiggle the touch screen from the metal+plastic frame, and then throw the lcd + touch screen into the BIN (ONLY IF U NEED TO REPLACE LCD OR TOUCH SCREEN)
    • Use a thin tool to wiggle the touch screen from the metal+plastic frame, and then throw the lcd + touch screen into the BIN (ONLY IF U NEED TO REPLACE LCD OR TOUCH SCREEN)

    • I hope this 10 step guide helps some of you guys out there!

    • AGAIN:


    There is a possibility to remove the touch panel and glass from the lcd-screen. They are glued together, but with help of a hairdryer and a thin peace of plastic you can make the adhesive warm and there are able to split the two from each other.

    Clean the residu of the adhesive from the lcd with any detergent, so you are able to reuse the lcd itself. Be very careful though and take your time.

    See photo:


    Sikkie - Antwort

    Thanks for great instructions.

    Worst part was removing the glue from the frame.

    Since I had a new screen/digitizer I used brute force


    ch vos - Antwort


    I've installed a new lcd + digitizer assembly to my phone. Only problem is that the lcd stops showing picture if touched. The touch part still works fine still. Can be tested at the lockscreen. Do you know what might be the problem?

    Juuso Jalava - Antwort

    I have got too this problem. When i touch to the right side of the touch glass screen goes blinking and suddenly went black. To identify the reason i deliberately obseved the front glass panel. I saw that there was an in out movement in the right side of touch glass in reponse of my firm touch. So in my idea the front glass losed its stickness with the lcd. I dont know what to do now. Can you give me any idea?

    Syed inayatullah -

  11. Please scan, and "like".
    • Please scan, and "like".

    • And comment on my guide if you want :)

    • Thanks for watching!

    • <-- #BadNews... This is what happens if you try removing the touch glass from the LCD


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@ Step 10: How a new LCD panel with the digitizer are glued again on to the metallic part???

George - Antwort


U need a "special" adhesive tape, a thin one, as the kind used for iphone 3GS touch screens.

Or you can buy another kind, it just have to be thin, STRONG and double sided!

What you do is: Cut the adhesive so it fits metal fram, NOT covering the sensors around the top.

After doing so, u fold the flex cables as they were on the old part. There should be some adhesive already on the LCD flex cables, that needs to be removed.

When thats done, you remove the coveredge on the doublesided adhesive tape, and place the touch + LCD firmly on it, now, press and hold for about 30seks, till you belive the touch is holding, mind the corners, press here also!

THEN your done, assemble the phone again, close your eyes and press the power button, hopefully your "lucky" and you got a picture on the screen hehe :D Good luck mate.

contact me on Skype: CRATERHEAD

Best Regards

Apple Repair Herning DNK

Palle Skov

ArHerning -

Thanks so much! I'll probably get this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Iphone-Touch-Pan...

George -

Åhh yes sir, my bad, the LCD aint glued to a metallic part, but its glued to the touch screen wich CAN NOT be separated!! Just like the iPhone 4, LCD screens + touch.

The touch glass however is softly glued to the "metallic" frame, bo biggie to remove!


In any case, you will need to buy a LCD assembly with the LCD already assemled with the touch screen!

Here: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/280781653630?s...

I will add

ArHerning - Antwort

Hey dude...I am in a bad situation..I broke my mini pro some time back and ordered a touchscreen digitizer from here : http://www.ebay.com/itm/OEM-Digitizer-To...

Now, when I gave my handset to someone for repair, he sys me that he cannot change only the touchscreen because its glued badly to LCD and thus, will break even the LCD if he tries to do that. Now, he has made even my phone non usable and bad looking since he broke the touch component badly while repairing. What do you suggest..? Should he try to separate LCD and touch or is it of no use..? Shall I get my money refunded for touchscreen. Why is only then touchscreen being sold if they cannot be separated from LCD..:O..? Shall I better buy the complete assembly..? Please reply ..Thanks

manjo3311 - Antwort

"Why is only then touchscreen being sold if they cannot be separated from LCD..:O..? "

---> That's a good question! :P Digitizer is glued with the LCD panel, so you have to buy the whole set and use adhesive tape as Mr. ArHerning just said. Do not try to seperate.

George -

any answers to this.: Any tape or adhesive for touchscreen?

Why is digitizer coming up..? Is it not glued properly to LCD or is it not glued properly to the mettalic part since its just from sides..?

manjo3311 - Antwort

i need a urgent help sir..

my xperia mini pro SK17i's screen got damaged my me actually it fell down from my hand..

it has got 3 breaks and scratches. but it is working fine i put a solid lamination over it.. but its look ugly 1 week old mobile and that too wid screen break.

what should i do now? i read that screen and touch is joined together as u have wrote.

and if i buy from local market the quality of touch and lcd will not be as good as orignal..

please help me out...


Akshit - Antwort

Hello mate..

I would say, take it to the dealer, and simpely tell him that it cant be Right that such a drop should take out the screen.

If he doesnt Care, i Can fix it for you, or Im sure some one In your country Can.

About quality, you wont sense the difference :) i have never Got Any complaints :)

You just gotta be sure that the person who does it, knows whats he's doing!!!

If you need more answers, mail mé: ARHerning@me.com

:D good Day sir

ArHerning - Antwort

please please please I want you to show me how to be dismantled sony ericsson xperia mini (note: not sony ericsson xperia mini pro) this is my link on facebook:((http://www.facebook.com/abdulla.saifelar...)) please do not forget me and I will be grateful to you..........thank you.............I waiting

abdulla el gibaly - Antwort

Im Sorry to hear This mate.. But hopefully he didnt glue the LCD!

Just open the phone again and redo the attatchment of the touch screen, remember to remove ALL the leftovers from the old glue wich is a Dark clothish adhesive!

Reattatch the touch properly and your good to Go!

Hehe him being a noob, i told you to find a guy whom put some pride into his work :D

Anyways, good luck!


Its pretty much the same procedure as the pro. Just take it easy on your way, not pushing any of the fragile plastic parts to much, they will brake!

Just take it easy from the back and through the phone to the front, its kl problem.

ArHerning - Antwort

hi i need your help, im replacing the lcd screen on my sk17i myself and am having troubles getting the logic board off :/ don't want to apply much force as im scared i will damage something. help! thanks

Kirsty Knight - Antwort

hi mate following the instruction there very good by the way but im having a wee bit of a problem with removing the logic/motherboard any hints or tips. thanks very much.


badtezza -

Somebody... HELP ME...

I allready replace the screen... but... the speakers do not give me any sound, in calling and ring mode...

How can I fix this problem?

I call the Sonyericson and told me... "may be a flex... but only sold by Operators on your country"... I'm from Venezuela and the operators do not sold any parts from them...

Joan David Equiz Marcano - Antwort

I replaced my whole LCD screen. The phone is working, but the screen has black lines across the top. What could the problem be? Could the new screen be a bad part?

xianndc22 - Antwort

Thank you very much it was very help full guide, i will try fit it my self but please give me ur email in-case of any problem happens

Ahmed Abdel Monem - Antwort

thank you i found this very useful

ashley morris - Antwort

how do i buy dis item

tony - Antwort

thanks, following your guide I succeeded to replace my screen , the screws where very tight,one I couldn't loose but since I am a dentist, I used my bur clockwise rotating and happily I got it released. My phone is like new again. I hope I won't have to do it again

Paul Fivez - Antwort

Thank you so much for this guide! I was able to replace my shattered screen easily because of it!

As for the glue - I used some Permatex Ultra Black - an RTV silicone adhesive commonly found in autoparts stores.

I carefully applied some using a cotton swab, and then wiped off any excess after putting the screen in the frame. I was very careful not to get any behind the camera, proximity sensor, etc....

Arjun Bhatnagar - Antwort


Thank you very much for this guide.

Without it I probably wouldn't have dared to replace the LCD+touch screen myself. It assured me, that it can be done successfully.

Using your guide the replacement was easy.


Franz - Antwort

great guide many thanks

dave - Antwort

hey i've sk17i.. it's display not responding properly, it stop responding suddenly then later it stars after restarting.. should i've to replace display or jus replacing strip wil work?? please help!!!!!!!!!!!!

raj - Antwort

Hi out of the blue my Xperia Mini Pro Sk17i ambiance light sensor is either disable or broken ,

when i open service menu by dialing *#*#7378423#*#* , ambiance light sensor just show value = 0, i shine lights over also won't change....

is it possible its disable or broken? please help, my phone is out of warranty, i was hoping for a DIY repairs on it, any guide or tips on which part should i replace,?

thanks in advance

William Fong - Antwort

Hi there, thank you SO MUCH for the guide and the pictures; I just replaced my screen and it all worked perfectly! The only thing that was strange with me was that in my cell, the flexcable you can see in step 8 was only a cut-off strip attached permanently to whatever you call the thingy that you plug it into, and in the new screen, it looked like in your pics. So I had to figure out that I was supposed to remove the cut-off strip and plug the cable of the new screen in there ... Apart from that: I found that in some steps, I had to apply more wriggling and physical force to separate the different components than I thought. My guide here: make SURE there are no screws remaining and nothing glued, everything else can be "unfastened" simply by pushing, pulling, twisting and turning, you just have to find the right spot.

Jan - Antwort

i changed my flex cable with LCD+digitizer... suddenly sound has issues!i mean no rings, when i call i can hear others speak but they can hardly hear me... and when i attach my headphones it doesnt work? what seems to be the problem?

Al Ali - Antwort

can you help show me how to change the flex?

Bikash - Antwort

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