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@tronicsfix To tell you the truth, your video is more helpful for repairability over iFixit's. Their video is more entertaining than for repair.

George A. - Antwort

@pccheese Hey thank…I do make mine more to help others see how to get them apart & repair them so I’m glad to know that I’m getting there!

TronicsFix -

Did you see any antenna pigtails? I didn’t see any in your video. I was hoping to retrofit an external antenna to improve controller range.

brianbotterill - Antwort

The antenna on these seems to be built into the power button board if I remember right.

TronicsFix -

Come on guys, I’ve only buy all your tools and only use your guides over any other because they’re so in depth. Can you please release one as its almost over a year now. i’ve already misplaced a few screws that i have no idea where they should go. Its hard to get to grips on certain stages of the disassembly process purley relying on a video.

I plan on putting a bigger SSHD in mine but without your awesome guide it’s been a daunting process to say the least. Yours guides are always so professional too!

Gaurav Bahadur - Antwort

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